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Ficus Tree Stump Removal Company
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Backyard Patio Stump Before Removal Backyard Patio Stump After Removal
Backyard Patio Stump Before Removal Backyard Patio Stump After Removal

Why you want to remove or grind tree stumps!

  • Spreading roots can threaten sidewalks or foundations.
  • Prevents infestations of bees, wasps, hornets, termites, other insects, or even larger animals.
  • Prevents further spreading of diseased wood to healthy trees and shrubs.
  • Tree stumps are ugly and detract from the beauty and value of your home or business property.
  • Exposed stumps have the potential to be a safety hazard for slip and fall injury lawsuits.
  • Mowing your yard will be easier, faster and safer.
  • A tree stump can damage lawn mowers.
  • Burning or dynamite are just out of the question.
  • Your yard will have a clean improved look and appear larger.

Why use us to grind out tree stumps?

  • WE ARE INSURED. What happens if your gardener or one of the "helpers" gets hurt? Are they insured?
  • Grinding is the easiest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps.
  • Chemical applications can take many months or years to work.
  • Our stump grinder can chew out the roots to well below the ground level.
  • Grinding the stump is much faster and can usually be completed in well under an hour.
  • Manually digging out tree stumps is extremely dangerous and labor intensive.
  • If you dig out your tree stump with a shovel, you will still have the huge stump to discard instead of small chips.
  • Most landfills will not accept tree stumps. Grinding will leave you with a controlled pile of small chips and dirt.
  • Stump grinding will make a much smaller hole than digging out the stump.
  • Grinding will cause less disturbance to the surrounding area and landscaping.
  • You can use the mulch to landscape.
  • Ground out stumps are less likely to start re-growth.

Here is a photo of the small backyard stump grinder. It is small enough to get through a 35 inch gate.
Small backyard stump grinder

Whatever you do, don't hook a chain up to your vehicle and try and pull it out. They have very deep root systems and you could twist the frame of your vehicle or even set off the air bags. Chains can also snap causing damage to the vehicle or injury to nearby property or people.

The photo below is how the root ball is in the ground. This is what you will have to contend with if you try and dig out a stump or pull it out. This is a relatively small tree of about 14 inches diameter. The root ball is in excess of 52 inches diameter and almost 40 inches deep.

Root ball of a tree stump

Now the owner is stuck trying to dispose of this huge root ball.
If we ground out the stump, all that would be left are manageable chips of wood.

Finish the job! If you have gone through the time and trouble of cutting down the tree, do it right. Don't leave an ugly eyesore in your yard to have to mow around and detract from the value of your property.

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