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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Yes, North Lake Garden Center does lawn maintenance. Our lawn maintenance division specializes in lawn mowing, edging and clean-up. We come to your home or business on a continuous basis to manicure your lawn. In most cases we can provide a professionally serviced lawn for less than you can do it yourself. Our crews have professional grade equipment and are training for maximum efficiency. Call today for a free estimate. Donít let our low price full you. We have unsurpassed service.

The Lawn Mowing Difference

When mowing your lawn, our cutting technicians take into account a few factors as follows:

  • Grass is a plant. If you cut too much of the grass blade the plant has reduced photosynthesis capabilities thus allowing the roots less nutrition.  For this reason itís important not to mow your grass too low. A strong root system can mean less required water and healthy great looking lawn. As a rule of thumb never remove more than 1/3rd of the blade length. Your North Lake Garden Center professional will always know what length to cut your type of grass.
  • Sharp mowing blades ensure a clean cut of the grass blades. Have you noticed lawns that are green on the bottom and brown on the very top of the grass blade? More than likely itís from dull blades. Our lawn maintenance team monitors equipment daily.
  • Thatch is good thing in moderation. Your lawn mowing expert will be monitoring thatch that exceeds 1/2 inch, because at that level it can reduce the amount of water and nutrients that reach the roots.

For a free lawn maintenance estimate call 1-561-835-1993

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