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Bed Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape bed maintenance is an ongoing effort to improve plant health, while manicuring for beatification. We provide the following: weeding, mulch, edging, nutrient management, pruning and shrub and tree trimming, insect control and disease control. Our Landscaping company prides itself on old fashioned service. From our top landscape contractor to our receptionist, we want you feeling pampered.

Landscape Contractor

You can rest assured that when you call North Lake Garden Center, you are getting a landscaping company with a local, licensed, landscape contractor. Licensed landscape contractors take continued education classes to remain up to date on all regulations, rules, and new products that are available and more environmentally friendly. Donít take your chances going with an unlicensed landscape contractor.

Landscaping Company

Our landscaping company provides many landscape maintenance services. Here are the quick highlights of some of our landscaping companies services:


Weeds can be sprayed with herbicide or pulled by hand. Itís important to eradicate weeds while they are young so that they donít seed and spread. Although weeds are unsightly, they are also dangerous to your plantís health. Weeds compete with ornamental plants for nutrients and water. Our ongoing bed maintenance program insures your plantís health by having our landscaping company periodically monitor your landscape beds.


In most cases mulch will last about one year until decay sets in and it must be replaced. The good news is that re-mulching usually only requires about half of the much that was needed for the initial installation. Mulch is important to help maintain constant temperatures during the winter, retain water for ornamental plants and reduces the weed population.


Edging is an irreplaceable part of having a clean manicured yard. It provides a sharp contrast of where the turf ends and the landscape bed begins. Depending on your preference it can be done along driveways, walkways, roadways and beds.  It can be done manually with a spade or by using a power edger.

Nutrient Management

Ornamental plants are alive and require nutrients. Our nutrient management program optimizes your plantís health. Our landscape contractor can optimize a program for you.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs are important for beautification and the overall health of the landscape bed. Nothing looks better than a perfectly shaped tree. Did you know that without trimming the ground level plants miss out on nutrients, sun and water? Itís true.

Insect Control

Controlling insects is important for two reasons. One, to protect your ornamental plants and two, to keep insects out of your home and yard.

Disease Control

In many cases disease is difficult to detect and even more difficult to diagnose. Our technicians understand what to look for and how to stop it before it spreads to your entire landscape bed.

Call 1-561-835-1993 North Lake Garden Center today for a free landscape maintenance estimate from a landscape contractor.

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