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Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning

To prune, or not to prune, that is the question? Although pruning and tree trimming is a vital part of a beautifully manicured yard, its not recommend if done improperly. Incorrect trimming can hurt or kill trees and shrubs. In fact, more trees are killed by improper pruning each year than pests. Our tree service division focuses on the right way to do things. Some call us a bunch of tree huggers, but who else would you want caring for your trees?

Pruning is the process of removing plant life from trees and shrubs that are no longer required, dead, no use to the plant, or could be a potential electrical or storm danger. A tree service technician can determine this for you. By removing these areas it allows the tree to use this additional energy to produce healthy flowers, fruit, limbs, and foliage. Properly trimmed trees and shrubs that are shaped to perfection are also beautiful addition to the landscape. In addition to having the proper experience, using the correct maintained tools is vital; our tree service technicians only use the best. Pruning tools include: pruning shears, lopping shears, combination pole saw pruner, pruning saw and hedge shears. A tree service technician will make sure blades are sharpened and the equipment is oiled properly.

You may have heard of tree training. This is a process that is much more efficient and more desirable way to shape and form trees.  While pruning is used to remove plant life from a tree to correct or maintain shape and structure, tree training is a practice that directs tree growth.  Its better to direct tree growth with tree training than correcting the shape with pruning. Contact our tree service technician today to learn about this great service.

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Trees and Shrubs

Tree care and shrub care is often overlooked when a lawn maintenance program is developed. This can be a costly mistake that detracts from the beauty of your yard. On average we spend 400% more installing plant landscape than turf. With such an immense investment you should have a tree care and shrub program to ensure the health and well being of your plant landscape. Our technicians are trained to discover hidden and potential problems, and develop a custom treatment program for your specific trees, bushes and plant life. With such a vast array of plant life in the local area our technicians participate in ongoing training to ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment. Our tree care and shrub programs include: fertilization, insect control, disease control, pruning & trimming and winterization.

Tree Care and Shrub Care

  • Tree Fertilizer Tree and shrubs are alive. Like all living things they prosper with the proper nutrients. Tree fertilizer can be applied via deep root injections, on top of the soil and trunk injections. Your North Lake Garden Center professional can determine what is right for your plant life.
  • Insect control Just like your lawn, insects can ravage your trees and shrubs. We provide topical environmentally friendly pesticides for your tree care.
  • Disease control Disease can be a silent killer. In many cases once its diagnosed and can be too late. Our technicians monitor your trees and shrubs life for early indications of disease. If disease is spotted we implement a disease control program that is specific to the plant life that is affected.
  • Pruning and trimming Pruning and tree trimming is an important part of great looking landscaping. Its important because proper trimming compliments your home, protects your investment and ensures the health of foundation plantings.
  • Winterization Winter can be tough on trees and shrubs. Our winterization program helps your plant life survive the cold of winter. Ask your technician if your plants need a coat this winter.

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