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Mulching your landscape beds annually provides numerous benefits that go well beyond aesthetics. Mulch is a protective layer that is applied on top of soil. As you will see it acts as barrier that helps with weed control, retaining moisture, soil nutrition and overall beautification. Whether you use organic and inorganic mulch itís important to reapply it every year. On average mulch decomposes annually. The good news is that, as a rule of thumb, when reapplying mulch it usually only requires about half of the amount of the initial installation. Many different types of mulch exist. Depending on your landscape layout and design we can match a mulch color and consistency that will complete your landscape. Call 1-561-835-1993 North Lake Garden Center for the latest mulch special and deal.

Benefits of Mulching

  • Erosion control. It helps to control water runoff.
  • Minimizes compaction. Like lawns, plant materials require oxygen and water at the root level. This helps to ensure against soil compaction.
  • Moisture retention. It reduces evaporation ensuring plant receive need water.
  • More consistent soil temperature. This is especially important for winter freezes.
  • Weed control. Many believe this is the biggest benefit. A layer of mulch reduces weed growth.
  • Allows fruits and vegetable to remain clean.
  • Have clean feet. This is a nice plus when entering beds while moisture is present.
  • Beautification. A freshly mulched bed is beautiful.

For a free mulch quote Call 1-561-835-1993 North Lake Garden Center

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