A Large Palm or Tree Installation Can Make a Grand Statement

Northlake Garden Center uses large trees and palms to create focal points, balance architectural features and define scale in the landscape. Large Maypan Coconut Palms, Bismarckia Palms, Cuban Royal Palms, Sabal Palms, Pindo Palms, Carnavon Palm, Ribbon Palm or Medjool Date Palm and staggered height plantings can generate an amazing array of natural beauty.

When massed plantings of palms are located along an avenue, seawall, boardwalk or across the front of a landscape in matching rows, they can create a mature majestic tropical landscape. Large Palm and tree plantings require copious planning, coordinating and synchronization. Soil amendment, drainage, maintenance, lighting and irrigation must be planned well in advance.

Large equipment and machinery – like barges, cranes, excavators, backhoes, trenchers, front-end loaders, etc. etc. need to be carefully deployed in order to achieve the end result. Finally, landscape lighting of these large soft-scape elements, is critical to the final aesthetic effect.

Set the scene for a tropical garden by adding palm trees to your landscape design. These beautiful and low-maintenance trees are sure to command attention and elevate the look of any yard. You might even be surprised at the wide array of palm trees you can choose from, as they vary in texture, leaf shape and height. Not only are palm trees an attractive feature, they also provide shade and can be used as natural privacy screens.