What tree more typifies a tropical environment than a palm tree?

Palm trees add beauty to your landscape and function to provide shade for you, your guests, and your vegetation from the hot Florida sun. Caring for trees is difficult because they require specialized skills and tools. Luckily the experts at Northlake Garden Center are here to help. Our certified arborists know that proper care of palm, citrus, and ornamental trees is crucial to maintaining a beautiful, tropical landscape for your community. We can handle everything from installation to fertilization to pest control.

With our tree maintenance programs, you will be sure to have healthy and stunning trees lining your property. We offer a range of programs specific to the different types of trees found across Florida to help ensure they are thriving. We will design the perfect irrigation system, amend the soil so your trees get all the nutrients they need, and inspect them for any early warning signs of emerging problems like pests, disease, or fungus.